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When it comes to your electricity supply, what is important to you?

Engage with energy

The energy landscape in Australia is changing rapidly. The ACT is leading the way with a goal to achieve net zero emissions by 2045 and this means the way we generate, store and use electricity is changing too.

Evoenergy is Canberra’s local energy distributor. We own and operate the electricity and gas networks in the ACT. We ensure our energy network is operated and maintained in a way that provides a reliable and safe energy supply to all Canberrans, and planning for our future is one of the most important things we do to ensure our energy network meets our needs in the future.

Electricity five year plan

Every five years, Evoenergy prepares a detailed plan about how it will operate, maintain, and invest in the electricity network to meet the future needs of the ACT. This electricity five-year plan is submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator for consideration and approval to determine how costs associated with the electricity network are passed onto consumers.

Our five year plan for 2024–29 was submitted to the Australian Energy Regulator on 31 January 2023.

The five year plan along with supporting documents can be found on the Evoenergy Website

 Five year plan consumer overview

In the next five years, we’re proposing to deliver on our community’s priorities by investing to maintain reliability and transition the network a net-zero emissions future, while playing our role in maintaining energy affordability.

Our current five year plan for 2019–24 is available on the Australian Energy Regulator website

We’re engaging with the community across three stages


Engagement phase 1 (Completed)

October 2021 – July 2022

Understanding consumer values to inform the draft proposal and tariff structure statement.


Engagement phase 2 (Completed)

August 2022 – December 2022

Using the feedback provided, we will produce a draft proposal and draft tariff structure statement. We will come back to the community for more feedback on this.


Engagement phase 3

January 2023 – October 2023

After the Australian Energy Regulator has reviewed our proposal, we will consult further on any elements that need further understanding.

If you have any questions about Evoenergy’s consumer engagement program or would like to receive future updates, please add your details to the form below

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