Climate change resilience

Evoenergy is committed to working towards a sustainable, net zero emissions future for the ACT, but we are already seeing the impacts of climate change through an increase in the number and severity of extreme weather events. Experts predict this will continue.
Extreme weather events such as storms, bushfires, and high-temperature days have an impact on our ability to maintain a reliable power supply and we need to plan and prepare for this.
To do this, we may need to invest in more climate resistant infrastructure or systems to enable us to respond more quickly or efficiently when these events occur. We call this ‘climate change resilience’. Any investments we make need to balance the costs to customers with any increase in network reliability.
It’s important to note that any costs associated with building and replacing electricity network infrastructure are ultimately paid for by energy users (people who receive an electricity bill in the ACT), so we need to carefully consider any investment.