Renewable electricity tariffs


As technology changes and the energy sector evolves, our tariffs need to change to better reflect the costs imposed by new uses of the network. Our network was originally built to carry electricity in one direction—from the high voltage transmission grid where the electricity enters Canberra to the end users in their homes and businesses.
Increased uptake solar and batteries now allows electricity to be generated and stored by homes and businesses for their own use and to send back excess electricity into the network (known as exporting). Enabling this two-way flow of electricity requires us to upgrade the network configuration and to manage electricity flows in real time to maintain the reliability and quality of our electricity supply.
We are currently looking at introducing tariffs for customers with solar panels and batteries that export into network. These new tariffs aim to ensure that exporters pay a fair and equitable share of network costs associated with the necessary upgrades to allow them to export more electricity. These tariffs may also be designed to encourage more exports when they are needed in the network.