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Engaging with the community 

In January 2023, Evoenergy submitted its Electricity Network proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER). The AER will publish its draft decision on the proposal in late September 2023.

Leading up to the publication of the draft decision, Evoenergy will engage with consumers and stakeholders on parts of the proposal that the AER identified as needing deeper understanding.

Following are some of the ways we are engaging with stakeholders and the community.

Deep Dive Panel

The Deep Dive panel will comprise of around 30 Canberra residents who represent a broad cross-section of the ACT community – diverse ages and cultures, and geographically spread across our region. 

Deep Dive sessions were held on the following dates:

  • Session 1 (Saturday 16 September 2023) – Refresh session and EN24 draft decision key issues.
  • Session 2 (Saturday 14 October 2023) – Unpacking and exploring key issues.
  • Session 3 (Saturday 21 October 2023) – Understanding and documenting Deep Dive feedback to Evoenergy

Applications to join the Deep Dive panel have now closed. Further information about the Deep Dive panel, including meeting summaries will be posted on this page following the first meeting.

Community Panels

Evoenergy established a Community Panel to engage directly with the community to better understand issues and opinions to help inform our decision-making. It involves a group of 20 randomly selected community members who reflect the diversity of the Canberra community.

Evoenergy has also established a Community Pricing Panel to further explore and understand pricing issues and tariff structures, The panel is made up of 30 randomly selected community members who reflect the diversity of the Canberra community and includes some members of the broader Community panel described above.

Further information about the community panels including meeting summaries can be found here


Consumer group partnership


As part of the engagement program, Evoenergy will be undertaking a range of workshops and activities with vulnerable consumers, culturally and linguistically diverse Canberrans and the business community.

These partnerships seek to help understand perspectives from Canberrans from a diverse range of backgrounds to understand perspectives relating to electricity supply and usage.

As future engagement opportunities arise with consumers groups, details of events and how to get involved will be updated on this page.


Energy Consumer Reference Council (ECRC)


We will be working with our ECRC to ensure our consumer engagement efforts are staying true to our engagement principles and to understand areas where we can improve. Read more about our ECRC here.